CoFounders League

CoFounders care about expertise, industry, personality, and more when seeking a partner. Our matchups focus on all these.

Founders found Here

The process of finding the right person can be taunting. We reduce the time, stress, and uncertanity.

Skillset First

The expertise of the person you are looking to meet is a top priority for most people looking for founders. This element is our starting point in creating matchups.

Background Connection

Connecting on background by industry, business model, or life experience can help make a match successful.

Commitment & Partnership

What level of commitment and what type of partnership are you seeking? These can vary dramatically and will influence who you should meet.

What is a Founder?

A founder to us is anyone actively building a product or company. Founders can be in any industry or have any expertise. You may or may not have a registered business.

More than an Idea

Ideas aren't enough. You need to have something to demonstrate you are working on creating something. Whether it is building and audience, designing screens, or even a business plan, something needs to exist to entice others to work with you.
Actively Building
Can Show Progress

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